USP Labs: Super Cissus


  • Promotes Bone, Muscle and Tendon Health
  • Increases Joint Flexability
  • Provides Nutrients for Healthy Joints

This reformulation contains a unique herbal rememdy that promotes healthy muscles and bones. USP Labs Super Cissus is engineered with vitamins, minerals, and plant sterol compounds to deliver additonal nutrients to the bones, muscles and additionaly the tendons to provide healthy joints so you can perform at optimal levels.

USP Labs Super Cissus Highlights:

  • Contains compounds that may work to support joints.
  • Is Shellfish-free.
  • Has been used for centuries in Ayruveda.
  • Does not contain glucosamine, choindroitin or msm.
  • Is Stimulant-Free

USP Labs: Super Cissus

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